Leadership Team

Leading the Organization

Our success begins with leadership. Highly accomplished real estate and multifamily executives lead every aspect of the Pennrose team. The result is that each property and development receives the comprehensive attention it requires.  Providing an unmatched combination of experience, support and focus to all of our partners, assets, employees and residents, the Pennrose team's collective development and multifamily management experience combines to create value and to generate innovative solutions and strategies for our clients.

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  • Barnhart, Richard
    Richard K. Barnhart Chairman and CEO View Bio
  • Dambly, Mark - cropped.jpg
    Mark H. Dambly President View Bio
  • Henkel, Tim - cropped.jpg
    Timothy I. Henkel Senior Vice President View Bio
  • Gower, Rich - cropped.jpg
    Richard Gower Chief Financial Officer View Bio
  • Kolluri, Lopa - cropped.jpg
    Lopa P. Kolluri Vice President of Operations View Bio
  • Saturno, R. J. - cropped
    R. J. Saturno Vice President of Compliance & Legal View Bio
  • Adams, Charlie - cropped.jpg
    Charlie Adams Regional Vice President View Bio
  • Carter, Ivy - cropped.jpg
    Ivy Carter Regional Vice President View Bio
  • Blank
    Mark Straub Regional Vice President View Bio
  • Bailey, Ryan - cropped.jpg
    Ryan Bailey Senior Developer View Bio
  • Fisher, Jacob - cropped.jpg
    Jacob Fisher Senior Developer View Bio
  • Moody, Harry
    Harry Moody Senior Developer View Bio
  • Speece, Kyle - cropped.jpg
    Kyle Speece Senior Developer View Bio
  • Everett, Wayne - cropped
    Wayne Everett Director of Asset Management View Bio
  • Martin, Amon - cropped
    Amon Martin, III Senior Developer View Bio
  • Felgar, Lee - 2016 - cropped.jpg
    Lee J. Felgar President View Bio
  • Resciniti, Cristi - cropped.jpg
    Cristi Resciniti Chief Financial Officer View Bio
  • Pico, Michael - cropped.jpg
    Michael Pico Chief Human Resources Officer View Bio
  • Latimore-Allen, Valerie - cropped.jpg
    Valerie A. Latimore-Allen Vice President of Operations View Bio
  • Filo, Gayle - cropped
    Gayle Filo Vice President of Operations View Bio
  • Hayward, Jennifer - cropped.jpg
    Jennifer Hayward Vice President of Transition Management View Bio
  • Reedy, Lee - cropped.jpg
    Lee R. Reedy Vice President of Marketing & Communications View Bio
  • Flamini, Dan - cropped.jpg
    Daniel Flamini Vice President of Capital Planning, Procurement & Energy Management View Bio
  • Desantis, John - cropped.jpg
    John DeSantis Vice President of Information Technology View Bio
  • Garrone, Kathi - cropped
    Kathi Garrone Vice President of Compliance View Bio
  • Robinson, Eileen - cropped.jpg
    Eileen Robinson Director of Accounting and Finance View Bio
  • Mowery, Shannon - cropped
    Shannon Mowery Director of Supportive Services View Bio